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The Impact of Untreated Sleep Problems

In addition to reduced immunity and more difficulty fighting off bacteria and viruses that cause illness, poor quality sleep is linked to a host of health and safety issues.

Group of people

3 of 5

sufferers report relationship troubles

Group of people


more likely to be in a car crash

Group of people


increased risk of heart attack

Customized Solutions for Better Sleep

Everest Sleep Center provides uncompromised treatment to patients seeking relief from sleep apnea and snoring, as well as other sleep conditions such as insomnia, restless leg syndrome, shift work disorder, and narcolepsy. Specializing in oral appliance therapy and other non-surgical alternatives to conventional treatment options, our practice is dedicated to improving patients’ sleep, overall health, and quality of life. In short, if you are looking for a sleep doctor in Los Angeles County or Orange County, we’re here to help.

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Proven CPAP Alternative

Around 50% of individuals with sleep apnea find it challenging to tolerate their CPAP machine. If you fall into this category, a personalized oral appliance might offer an effective alternative for treatment.

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Eliminate Snoring & Fatigue

Consistent snoring and feeling tired all the time are clear signs of sleep problems. These issues often don't get identified or get confused for a long time. Have you figured out what's causing you or your partner to snore?

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No Surgery or Implants

Getting proper treatment for your sleep apnea is crucial for regaining and maintaining your health and energy. Discover the available treatment choices and determine if an oral device is a suitable option for you by arranging an appointment.

Restore Your Natural Airway

We specialize in helping you restore your natural airway, a key element for your overall well-being. Explore our solutions to understand how we can assist you in reclaiming a healthy, unobstructed air passage. Let's work together to make breathing easy and natural again.

Dr. Henry Qui

Trusted Sleep Experts of Los Angeles

If you're in search of a skilled sleep specialist in the Downey, California, and Greater Los Angeles, come visit Everest Sleep Center's expert team, led by Dr. Henry Qiu. With his extensive expertise in the sleep field, Dr. Qiu has dedicated his career to in-depth research and the development of a compassionate approach to addressing sleep disorders like sleep apnea and snoring. He is a double fellow in dental sleep medicine and collaborates closely with sleep physicians and medical professionals in the field. Dr. Qiu is committed to improving the quality of life for his patients by utilizing the latest medical research, technology, and best practices to enhance their sleep and overall health.

Benefits of Oral Appliances

  • Custom-fit to maximize effectiveness
  • Quiet, Discreet, and Comfortable
  • Portable and travel-friendly
  • Non-invasive
  • No on-going supply costs and upkeep

Patient Testimonials

Why Choose Everest Sleep

  • No CPAP or surgery
  • Board-certified sleep experts
  • Medical insurance accepted, including Medicare
  • Whole health approach to quality sleep
  • Continued care after device delivery
  • Multiple appliances to choose from
Everest Sleep Center - Dr. Qiu talking to Patient

In-person & Telesleep Appointments Available

Quality sleep is too important for your health and immunity to delay treatment. Our team is happy to offer the option of in-person or telesleep appointments for your i nitial consultation and follow-up appointments after device delivery.

Insurance & Payment Options

Interested in oral appliance therapy? Searching for a sleep specialist in the Greater Los Angeles area, to help you with your snoring issues? Everest Sleep Center of Downey, California is well-equipped to handle claims with all major insurance companies, including Medicare. Before starting your treatment, our team will assist you in coordinating with your insurance provider to clarify your benefits and minimize any potential out-of-pocket expenses. For those without insurance coverage, we offer financing options and flexible payment plans to ensure that treatment is accessible to individuals with varying budgets.

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