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Jo Koy’s Surprising Wake-Up Call: From Snoring to Sleep Apnea

August 8, 2023

Jo Koy discuses how he discovered he has Sleep Apnea

🌙 Laughs and Sleep Lessons with Comedian Jo Koy: How Everest Sleep Center in Los Angeles Can Help You

Warning: the following video contains foul language.

Our team at Everest Sleep Center in Los Angeles stumbled upon a hilarious video from comedian Jo Koy’s “Lights Out” special, where he tells the story of how he discovered he has sleep apnea. While Jo Koy does what he does best and makes us laugh, he gives the accurate warning that sleep apnea is a real deal and it’s crucial to address.

What’s Sleep Apnea?

Imagine snoring on turbo mode and waking up more times than you can count in just a minute! Sleep apnea is kinda like that. It messes up your sleep big time, and guess what? It’s got some ties to gaining weight too.

Jo Koy’s Sleep Apnea Discovery Journey:

Jo Koy’s mom caught him snoring like a bear (no kidding!) and decided to be a sleep detective. She even recorded his snoring escapade with a camcorder – talk about dedication! 🎥 Jo Koy finally checked out the recording and realized he needed help.

Enter Everest Sleep Center, in Los Angeles, California:

Guess what, folks? If you ever find yourself snoring like a bear or choking like Jo Koy, Everest Sleep Center in Los Angeles is here for you! 🏔️ Our sleep experts will help you sleep soundly and achieve your best health. Our patients have dealt with sleeping problems like Jo Koy and have maintained a regular good night’s rest.

Comfortable Solutions to Help You Sleep

Jo Koy shared his experience at going to a sleep center and warns the viewers that the doctors will put wires on your toes, your fingertips, and even a crown on your head (and make you look like a cool Christmas tree!) to figure out what’s up with your sleep. While we do have procedures to help discover your sleep health, we offer very comfortable solutions to take home with you, such as the Everest Mouth Guard, which has made many of our client’s sleep-health dreams come true.

Why Quality Sleep Matters:

Quality sleep matters, especially for your health. If you’re having sleep troubles like Jo Koy, it’s time to hit up Everest Sleep Center. Don’t let sleep apnea keep you awake or make you pack on extra pounds. Your sleep matters, and we’re here to make sure you snooze like a champ! 🛌💤

Your journey to better sleep starts here. Let the team at Everest Sleep Center in Los Angeles solve your snoring mystery together! 😉